Sally Ice



Sally Ice went to art college in Stourbridge, where she took a BA (Hons) in Glass. She is still interested in kiln glass but at the moment is satisfying her creative urge by using textiles as a media by making children's clothing.  She has always been interested in textiles finding their pattern, colour and texture endlessly fascinating. Whilst holidaying she collects fabrics from many countries across Europe and beyond. Since art college, she settled in the Cotswolds and has made children's clothes first for herself, then her children, and later for markets, shows, and now two shops under the self-made label 'Iceicles Kids Clothes'. 


Sally often makes short dashes to Holland or Portugal, or other European countries, to purchase funky, bright patterns and well-wearing material that is much harder to find in UK fabric shops. Her aim and joy in making clothing lies in producing work with these fresh, fun fabrics that is suitable for boys and girls, and clothes which are out of the ordinary. Girls get more than just pink and boys more than just blue. All her clothes are practical in terms of washing and wear, and easy for children to get in and out of. They make perfect girls for family and friends.


Commissions or direct orders are available. Sally Ice can be contacted at: