Simon Turk

'Wild Wood Whittling'.
I combine my enthusiasm for generating sawdust and woodchip and my passion for 'haunting' woodland to produce nature inspired crafts from deep within the woods!
About me:
I have worked for many years in the field of outdoor education (particularly woodlands-based programmes) , have a love of Bush craft and a keen interest in the natural world it was only natural that I united these elements to produce hand crafted arts and crafts.

Every piece I produce is made from sustainable local wood and shaped by my whittling knives and hand tools only.
No power tools are used in the process whatsoever.

From tree to finished product with love!

Whether I make a Spoon, decorative item or one of my special sets of animals, everything is unique and has it's own character.
Not toys or mass produced items but special one-of a kind pieces. No two items are the same! 

I consider commissions.


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